Bathroom Renovation Tips

Our Top 10 Bathroom Renovation Tips.

The bathroom is the second most popular room in the house to remodel, after kitchens. The master bathroom takes center stage with most homeowners and many are now choosing to skip the bathtub and instead opting for glass walk-in showers. Some other notable features for the modern-day bathroom renovation are double sinks, high-efficiency toilets, and white cabinetry.

Bathroom renovation tips – Andrew and I have personally renovated a bathroom and have learned some valuable tips and insights for getting the job completed on time, within budget, and without frustration.

1. Make a list of what you want to change. Look to websites like Pinterest and Houzz for great ideas and inspiration for the redesign. Write down what you like and why you like it, and look online and at your local store to get price estimates. Once you know what you want to change, prioritize your list by ranking each item in the order of what needs to get done first. Refer to your list throughout the project to help you stay on track

2. Utilize online resources to help educate yourself on tips and tricks for getting the job done on your own. Andrew and I have googled many times how-to videos on bathroom renovation tips inclusive of updating lights, switches, plumbing, and tile work and completed the projects on our own. Stay within your comfort zones and play it safe with electricity and difficult jobs that are best for the professionals.

3. Set a budget! Once you figure out how much you can spend subtract 20-30% of this number and set it aside for contingencies. We had a number of things pop-up along the way like wood rot and re-wiring

4. Sketch it out! Give yourself a blank space to work with and you might be surprised by how much space you really have to work with.

5. Measure twice cut once is the old saying and quite frankly I like to measure three times. We learned the hard way with a tub that wouldn’t fit and had to hammer it into place. It is there now and never going anywhere

6. Get a quote from more than one contractor if not completing the work on your own. Ensure that the quote details all necessary materials needed to complete the project and that the contractor has set a realistic timeline for completing the project. Ask questions about what days of the week they will be working at your home and what hours, are they working on any other projects while they renovate your home and what forms of payment they accept, and when they expect to get paid.

Andrew and I learned that not everyone thinks a workweek is Monday to Friday 9-5, some have worked too many hours which really interrupts our family life or not enough which delays the project.

Ask questions have fun and enjoy your new bathroom

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