Prepare your Home to Sell

Top 10 Tips – Preparing Your Home To Sell

Preparing your home to sell takes work and we are here to help with the process. From decluttering the home, staging, and professional photos with full interactive floor plans.

1. Great photos mean everything! We use an amazing system called Planitar which creates an Iguide with amazing HD quality photos, integrated floor plans, measurements, and 360-degree views – an amazing understanding of space.

2. Signs Drive Traffic! No matter how much you market your home online or in newspapers, nothing drives traffic like a good old fashioned sign.

3. Cheap Laundry Baskets! This is the best way to stash and hide the little items you have lying around the house when you get that last-minute phone call for a showing – just dash and stash.

4. Use A Realtor: I know when you think about that real estate commission it’s often a hard pill to swallow, but trust me… it’s worth every penny to hire a professional. Most real estate agents will have professional photographers take photos of your home (refer back to #1!) for their marketing, which includes a brochure or flyer. Also, they can list your home on multiple websites that you could not access on your own including the multiple listing service (MLS). It’s a fact that people who use a good agent sell their homes faster and for more money. And a study by the National Association of Realtors shows that people who use an agent sell their homes for 16% more than people who don’t.

5. Declutter Your Home: Remove all the nick knack items from around the house. No toothbrushes out, no shoes, no remotes, and small items that will catch your potential buyers’ eye rather than the fixtures of your home. Remember though that the potential buyer is looking for a story and a good feeling in your home, something they can envision themselves living in. Some happy family photos around the home will show them the good times they will have in this home just like you!

6. If you need to update and can’t afford to renovate the entire home, renovate the kitchen. This is the most important aspect of a home and if this area is modern, bright and clean people can envision how the rest of the home could possibly look. A coat of paint in this area goes a long way

7. Curb Appeal.  Cutting the grass, sweeping the steps, fresh flowers and a wreath is all it takes, but these little touches have a huge impact. Especially in the photographs that draw people to your home.

8. Do Pre-Inspection Repairs. Think of all the little jobs you wish you had done over the years like fixing broken lights, touching up paint, replacing smoke detectors, and get them done now before they are discovered in a home inspection and a possible price reduction is asked for.

9. Clean Inside Your Appliances. Yes! People do look inside your fridge and oven and this should reflect the same standards of care you take with the rest of your home.

10. Hire a cleaning company to do a major Spring clean for you so that you and your family can focus on the tasks of removing clutter, having a yard sale, touch-ups, and listing the home with a Realtor.

Have fun and enjoy the process!

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